Saudi King’s Health in Spotlight: Lung Inflammation Treatment at Royal Residence


In a significant development, the Saudi King is set to receive treatment for lung inflammation at his royal palace. This article delves into the details surrounding the health condition of the monarch, the medical arrangements being made, and the broader implications for Saudi Arabia.

Health Status of the Saudi King

The Saudi King’s health has always been a matter of national and international interest. His recent diagnosis of lung inflammation has raised concerns among citizens and political observers alike. Lung inflammation, medically known as pneumonia or pneumonitis, can vary in severity and requires prompt and effective medical intervention.

Hours after undergoing medical testing, the state news agency in Saudi Arabia said on Sunday that King Salman of Saudi Arabia will get treatment for lung irritation at Al Salam Palace in Jeddah.
Citing the royal court, the state news agency said that the 88-year-old monarch will get antibiotic treatment until the inflammation subsides. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi announced that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto head of Saudi Arabia, had postponed a visit to Japan that was supposed to start on Monday due to King Salman’s health issue.

“Saudi Arabia informed the Japanese government that due to the health condition of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed’s visit to Japan, which had been scheduled to begin on the 20th, had to be postponed,” Hayashi stated during a press conference in Tokyo.
King Salman’s “high temperature and joint pain” prompted him to undergo medical testing earlier on Sunday at the royal facilities at Al Salam Palace, according to the Saudi official news agency.

According to state TV at the time, the king was last admitted to the hospital in April for a standard examination.
After more than 2.5 years as the crown prince and deputy minister, King Salman assumed leadership of the largest oil-exporting nation in the world in 2015. He is the custodian of the holiest shrines in Islam.
His illness occurred at the same time as the crown prince and U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met in the kingdom to talk about a strategic agreement between Washington and Riyadh.

A request for comment regarding the crown prince’s postponed trip was not immediately answered by Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Japan. During the May 20–23 trip, he was supposed to meet with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Japanese Emperor Naruhito.



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