NDMC Expands Summer Sports Coaching Program with Free Training in 10 Sports


NDMC has enhanced its summer sports coaching initiative, offering free training in ten different sports. Discover how this program aims to promote physical fitness and sportsmanship among Delhi’s youth.

NDMC’s Enhanced Summer Sports coaching initiative

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has announced an expansion of its summer sports coaching program, now providing free training in ten different sports disciplines. This initiative aims to encourage physical activity and sports participation among children and youth in Delhi.

Free Training in Ten Sports

The enhanced program covers a diverse range of sports, ensuring that young athletes have the opportunity to develop skills in their preferred activities. The ten sports included in the free training are:

  1. Football
  2. Cricket
  3. Basketball
  4. Volleyball
  5. Badminton
  6. Table Tennis
  7. Athletics
  8. Swimming
  9. Judo
  10. Yoga

Objectives of the Program

The primary objective of the NDMC’s summer sports coaching program is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among the city’s youth. By providing free access to quality sports training, the program aims to:

  • Enhance Physical Fitness: Encourage regular physical activity, which is crucial for overall health and well-being.
  • Develop Sports Skills: Provide professional coaching to help young athletes improve their skills and techniques in various sports.
  • Foster Teamwork and Discipline: Teach important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance through sports participation.
  • Identify and Nurture Talent: Identify talented individuals and provide them with opportunities to excel in their chosen sports.

Accessible and Inclusive Sports Training

NDMC’s initiative ensures that the program is accessible to all children and youth, regardless of their socio-economic background. By offering free training, the council aims to remove financial barriers that may prevent some young athletes from participating in sports. This inclusive approach is designed to reach a broader audience and promote sportsmanship and fitness across the community.

Benefits of Participating in Sports

Participation in sports has numerous benefits for young individuals, including:

  • Physical Health: Improved cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and coordination.
  • Mental Health: Enhanced mood, reduced stress, and better mental well-being.
  • Social Skills: Improved communication, cooperation, and leadership abilities.
  • Academic Performance: Positive correlation between physical activity and academic achievement.

Registration and Participation

Parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children in the NDMC summer sports coaching program can register at designated centers across Delhi. Detailed information about registration dates, training schedules, and locations is available on the NDMC’s official website.

Promoting a Healthier Future

The NDMC’s expansion of its summer sports coaching program reflects a commitment to promoting health, fitness, and sportsmanship among Delhi’s youth. By offering free training in ten sports, the council is not only encouraging physical activity but also fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. This initiative is poised to make a significant positive impact on the lives of many young individuals, paving the way for a healthier and more active future.

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